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Today, my publisher has completed the negotiations with Bookmasters, Inc., and has signed the contract to begin Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.  Bookmasters, Inc., Quality Books and Sounds of Zion will be our major distributors.  Each one has their specialty and each has an excellent reputation in their field. Just being accepted by these big name distributors is very flattering and very exciting.

Now, we are awaiting reviews to come in from Clarion and BookReviews.com to put the finishing touches on the cover and we’re ready to go to print.  We anticipate that the book will be in publications by January 1, 2010.  Bookmasters is really excited about the novel and anticipates that it will be a huge hit with the public.  We’re looking forward to quite a ride, a lot of fun and movies yet to come.

I am currently working on the audiobook and it should be ready to roll out before Christmas or at the very least, with the paperback itself.  I bought some excellent equipment and have been recording it in my closet, where the cloths absorb the sound very effectively.  It’s a little cramped,   but the sound is fantastic!  You may ask, “Why don’t you have professionals do it?”  The answer is, “Because I AM the professional!”  I enjoy learning so much and if I turn everything over to the”professionals” to do, I learn nothing!  Learning is and has always been the biggest THRILL of my life and that will never end. The editing is not hard and putting the music and sound effects with it makes me dance in my own studio as I listen to the play back.

Last week, we took a trip in the car for a few days…about 6 hours each direction.  I decided to play the audio of Beyond the Map’s Boundary in the car stereo system to listen to errors, noise, etc. to be edited out.  Everyone in the car was absolutely captivated!  That was the quickest 6 hour trip we have ever taken.  Before we knew it, we were home, and we received rave reviews from our captive audience.  You’re going to LOVE the audiobook!!  I can hardly wait until you hear it!

The adventure continues…


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