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We are starting to get a following that wants to have a copy of the book in their own library and are asking when the audio book will be available, too.

Though we have wonderful reviews from children of all ages (the public) we’ve decided to seek industry reviews from and Clarion Reviews and to start moving on an advertising strategy.   It’ll take approximately 5 weeks to get on the schedule for printing and then the printing will take about 3 days.  Then the adventure begins anew.

The book has been accepted into Quality Books for distribution to libraries throughout the country and Sounds of Zion (a local niche market distributor), which is very exciting and BookMasters is going to print the book .  We are in the process of negotiating a national distribution agreement with BookMasters (an excellent company and absolutely wonderful people to work with) to move it into the main stream bookstores and outlets.   Their recommendation is to slow down just a little and do things right from the beginning, so we will be actually pushing back the Official Publication Date until January.

I can feel the momentum starting to pick up.  It feels like I’m at the upward turn on the first big rise of a roller coaster ride and the excitement inside is building!

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