The First Query


I heard from a representative of Dorrance Publishing today.  I submitted a  brief query 6 days ago and Olivia called this afternoon.  Dorrance Publishing was the first to request the manuscript.  It produced a warm fuzzy feeling inside that Olivia would be so kind as to request a peek.  She was very congenial and professional and I fired off an electronic book instantaneous-o-mata!  Since I don’t really consider myself a marketer, it was thrilling to get the call.  She probably has no idea how exciting that was for me and the stir she caused around the house all day and all night!

I hope she enjoys reading it as much as I did writing it.  Of course, it is MY baby and I may have a rose colored view that blinds me to the truth.  Oh well…”a mother’s love…” you know!   We’ll see.  It’s all good, it’s all fun and it’s all I want to do!


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