Ever wish you could travel back through time?

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I don’t think anyone really grows up in every aspect of their life and thank heavens for that.  Some things linger in the ‘kid’ part of my brain that seems to never go away.  As I’ve grow older these allow me to recapture the excitement that still lingers in those pockets of childhood wishes and time travel is at the top of my list.

I think about it often.  I’ve daydreamed how it would be and what I would do.  There are people I would love to see and watch them in the original environment they existed in.  I’ve always thought how wonderful it would be if I could go back just long enough to help them survive a traumatic event or offer them some information that would improve their life.  I’d be a hero and everyone would love me.  I’ve entertained thoughts of how I could go back in time for nearly 50 years now and eight years ago I started writing down what the rules might be if it were possible.

As I’ve traveled the world since I was seven years old, ancient or even rundown buildings and cities would spark my imagination, wondering what the people were like back then when the building or city was first built.  Perhaps I had some ancestors that lived there and their footprints would be all over the place.  That’s what got me thinking about how I could travel back in time.  Being blood related, perhaps I could see my ancestor’s footprints glow, beckoning me back to their time.

Beyond the Map’s Boundary, my first novel in the series, brings all of those crazy thoughts together to paint a fun, fast paced, ever twisting time travel novel for young adults. It’s sequel, The Chronicles of Quant, brings to life the magical powers that I’ve always wanted to possess.

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Beyond the Map’s Boundary Book Description


Young Adult Novel
Fantasy / Science Fiction

Beyond the Map’s Boundary is a unique time travel adventure about two teenagers that inherit magical powers and a destiny to correct the mistakes of the past that have disrupted the true course of the future…if they can survive the learning process!

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