Chapter 10

The Plan

Kash spent the next hour and a half explaining to Trevor everything that had happened during the past two days in as much detail as time allowed.  Next, he read the letter out loud that Amber had written him 8 years prior.

February 22, 1984

My Darling Kash,

Mattie told me what happened yesterday and I’m sorry I couldn’t prepare you in advance for my demise.  You understand the rules of the Divvy and so I hope you will forgive me for keeping this secret from you for all these years.  Please know that I love you and long for the day we can be together again.

Now you have the unprecedented task of bringing Mattie home without any evidence that what I’m about to suggest will even work.  We haven’t got a lot of time before this must take place in your realm so please read this carefully, then make haste slowly.

On the back, inside cover of this book you’ll find a blood document which must be completed in your time before it can be valid in either.  It must be written within the book itself if it is to have any binding power for what you need to do.  As you can see, Mattie has written her own wedding vows for Trevor.  She has printed her full, given and married name, Mattison Amber Bott Karington and has placed her thumbprint on top of her signature using her own blood.  Trevor must do the same to the side of Mattie’s.  It cannot be below or above her entry.  He must first write his vow, then print his full, given name and sign it in his own handwriting.  Be sure to use his left thumbprint, in his own blood and press it directly over his signature.  This must be completed before 10:00 A.M. on February 22nd, 1992 to make sure we have enough time to Split dimensions before it’s too late… if it’s even possible at all.  You must teach him the Splitting Words, too. Don’t delay!  Time is of the essence.

We hope and pray that Trevor will open his heart and mind to such a plan.  If he does not, our family line will end today and there can be no more time travelers to help the people of the world undo their mistakes.

Tell Trevor that Mattie loves him and wants to share her life with him more than anything.  Tell him that there has never been anyone else for her and never could be.

Hurry now, my love, and be of good cheer.  If all goes well I’ll see you again soon.

My heart is always yours,


P.S. – If this works and Mattie gets back to you, it is crucial that you get them legally married by sunset.  It must take place before dark or the seal will be broken and I don’t know what will happen then.  I think she’ll be pulled back in time piece by piece.

When he had finished reading, they both sniffled and tried to inconspicuously wipe the tears from their eyes as they sat facing each other.  Kash handed the book to Trevor and said, “Now it’s your turn.  You understand what’s at stake and it’s your choice.  We can’t force you to do this.”  Kash moved back over to the bed to give Trevor some space.  His heart pounded with the anticipation of Trevor’s response.

Trevor opened the book to the back cover and began reading Mattie’s inscription silently to himself.

I Mattison Amber Bott Karington, choose Trevor William Karington to be my best friend and husband for the rest of my life.  He and he alone will be the one that I love, cherish and cling to through the good times as well as through the storms we will face together. I will honor him; trust him; prize his companionship and pledge my whole heart and soul to him forever.  I dedicate all that I am to his happiness and well being.  I will always strive to bring a light to his darkest hour; comfort in his sorrow; relief through any sickness; humor to his everyday existence and give him children to honor his name.  Therefore, I promise and covenant this day before God, in the presence of my mother, Amber Elizabeth Graham Bott, and by the ancestors that preceded me, that I will be faithful and true to this covenant forever.

Date:  Saturday, February 22, 1992

Mattison Amber Bott Karington

Trevor closed the book and laid it on the edge of the bed.  He stood up and wandered towards the door.  “This is all too overwhelming for me, Mr. Bott.  I feel like my head’s going to explode.   I’ve got to get out of here.  I’m really sorry.”  His face was filled with sadness as he slowly, but surely, pulled the door closed behind him.

Kash’s heart sank inside when he heard the latch click shut.  He folded his arms over his chest and sat back, staring into space.  As far as he knew, this was the end of his family, everything he had ever worked for and everyone he had ever cared about.  He had lost his wife, his home, and now his only child in less than 48 hours.  There was nothing left in his life that had any meaning without them in it.  He felt empty and totally alone in a cheap motel room that only grew lonelier and more silent by the moment.

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