Submitting Your Book for Pre-Publication Reviews


This is somewhat intimidating to do!  As I study the various review houses on the internet, it can be quite time consuming to locate the submission guidelines at each site.  I’ve learned to type in “book review submission guidelines” in the search box.  That works most of the time.

There are a lot of places a new author can read about how to do press releases, how to submit galleys or books for review and much more.  There is a useful list of Book Review Magazines Used by Librarians that you can copy and paste into Google to find the original sites.  From there enter the key words “book review submission guidelines” into their search box and follow their guidelines.  If you can get reviewed by any of these places, it help you tremendously to get into libraries around the country and sell a good number of books on a “no return” policy.  That would be helpful for an aspiring new (dirt poor) author like myself.

Best of luck to you.  The guidelines are getting tougher on the authors and publishers.  I guess they have a zillion books to read and only 24 hours in a day like the rest of us.  I have to admire them for the books they are able to get through and write a review on.  They honestly must be amazing people who do that.

Just keep trying.  It’s got to be a numbers game like selling insurance.

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