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This is truly one of the most amazing time-traveler stories I ever read and for sure is among the best three books I’ve read this year. The plot is so full of twists that keeps us, the readers, on the edge on every page we turn. The description of the characters and their actions is so rich in details that we feel ourselves traveling together with Mattie or helping Trevor supporting her throughout the book.

When we talk about time traveling stories,  classics like The Time Machine (H.G. Wells), or Timeline (Michael Crichton) are always remembered. This book is destined to be remember as one of the greatest science-fantasy time-travelers stories ever. The author wrote a masterpiece that deserves a massive audience and I am eager to read the sequence of this incredible saga.  (read more here…)

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  1. Charlotte 09/15/2010, 9:35 AM:

    Beyond the Map’s Boundary is beyond amazing. It’s an out of this world experience filled with imagination, excitement and glorious adventure. I can’t wait to see what Nibi Soto has in store for us next!

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