Producing the Audio Book


Oh…this phase is a scream!  I live in my fantasy of fun every second of doing the audio book.

Looking for the music was so much fun.  I found the perfect piece by Jack Waldenmaier at Music Bakery (  I called and chatted with him for a few minutes (he’s about my age) and enjoyed his cheerful, helpful personality.  What a talent!

I do my own recording and production work at this point.  I have a degree in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design and was tutored well in a whole host of venues prior to graduating.  Life is so much fun and the endless things there are to learn and accomplish couldn’t possibly run out if I live to my projected age of 140 years.  The trick to that one is keep learning, stay engaged in life, pay attention to what I put in my mouth, exercise a bit everyday and be healthy and wealthy enough to live until I simply run out of time.

Nice plan, huh?


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