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I got up this morning to exercise (as usual) and opened up my email as I walked (as usual).  To my excitement I discovered a note from AllBooks Review that Beyond the Map’s Boundary had been selected the Ebook Feature of the Month.  A 5 star review at that!

Now how exciting is that?  How many thousands of ebooks do they have to choose from and they chose mine!   The ebook is barley out there and the printed book is only in the pre-order stage!   🙂

BeyondTheMapsBoundaryBeyond the Map’s Boundary is starting to get some recognition.  Our notoriety snowball may be small, but a few noteworthy flakes have been added today.  How wonderful; How fun!  Thank you AllBooks Review.

You can download your  own secured copy by clicking here if you’re interested or hear a sample on the “sample the novel” page.

The adventure is afoot…       Nibi

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  1. Hunter 12/03/2009, 11:08 AM:

    Congratulations on the book of the month award!! It is obvious to me why it was chosen…what a charming story, wonderfully written and fun to read. Best wishes in your success…and, although it has not been formally published yet…when do we get to read the “next installment”?

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