The Words & Terms

Book of Ancestors – An ancient book that contains a record of every Trekker, Splitter, and Sentinel throughout history, including all of their important missions, functions and actions they perform.  It also spells out all of the rules that govern each of their destinies.

Boost – A rapid movement towards the Trekkers chosen mark that jerks both the Trekker and Splitter upward, forward and finally down to the target.  The Rings of Prather Mendell are the source of power that makes the movement possible.

Divvy – A single trip (mission) back through time to correct a specific problem that was never addressed during the original time period it occurred in.

Double Down – Any shelter that has at least double depth protection from a storm, such as a two-story building or one story building with a basement;   a deep cave or underground shelter.

Full-Double Parallel – A specific position formed by a Trekker and their Splitter that propels them both in a rapid movement through solid objects.  It can only be performed by the rightful bearers of the Rings of Prather Mendell.

Full-Parallel – A specific position formed by a Trekkers hands and forearms that propels the Trekker in a rapid movement through solid objects.  It is dangerous and life-threatening for the Trekker to perform this skill.

Half-Parallel – A specific position formed by a Trekkers hands and forearms that propels the Trekker in a rapid movement towards a stated target.  There must be a clear path of air between the starting and ending point.

Interloper – An illicit time traveler that dies a little bit each time he performs a Divvy.  The Rings of Prather Mendell are his only hope of surviving the Divvy’s and restoring his health.

Sentinel – A relative of the Trekker that guards the historical artifacts and performs specific duties relating to his or her mission.

Soul Box – A small, brown box that contains an individual’s specific DNA samples which could consist of saliva, hair or even a piece of their flesh.  A fingerprint will also work since they are unique to the individual.

Splitter – A spouse or blood relative of the Trekker who possesses the ability to split time, bringing the Trekker back to the present.  They possess unusual strength and stamina along with the same youthful qualities of their Trekker.

Stagma –A normal person; a human being that does not possess the ability to travel through time; non-time traveler.

Trekker – A time traveler that moves back through time using blue, glowing footprints as a portal.  The footprints appear from an ancestor that is summoning the Trekker for help.  This is an inheritance from a parent who passes the magical abilities and responsibilities along to only one child within each generation.

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