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“Beyond the Maps Boundary” (Thornock International Productions Inc.320 pages $14.95) by Nibi Soto: First-time fiction author Nibi Soto has written a compelling novel for lovers of time travel suspense. This thoughtful and provocative tale revolves around two young characters, Mattie and Trevor, who discover that they are anything but average teenagers. Their adventure begins when Mattie starts experiencing visions of past civilizations and witnessing historic scenes which magically appear on particles of light. The teens easy going life turns into a fast and furious chain of events as the two friends stumble upon their own mystical powers that had been hidden from them up until now. These newly discovered powers helpthem narrowly escape an onslaught of unexpected disasters that keep popping up throughout the tale.

Unknown to Mattie, she was born into a family of time travelers, but her mother, who would have been her mentor, was killed before she was able to prepare her daughter for her inheritance. Trevor is pulled into the family out of necessity and finds himself living a much more exciting life than ever expected. After discovering the ancient rings of Prather Mendell, Trevor finds himself sharing in Mattie’s magical powers. In the story the pair find themselves battling an evil time traveler who will stop at nothing to claim for himself their supernatural abilities and especially the unmatched powers of the rings. Together the pair try to foil his diabolical plan, and Mattie and Trevor finds the future depends entirely on their ability to survive the learning process.

With “Beyond the Maps Boundary,” Nibi Soto has written both a relentlessly suspenseful adventure and an epic chronicle of time travel. Inventive storytelling with masterful prose. More than a good read, Soto excels at all aspects of her tale, from the human angle to the spiritual aspect. In explanation of why she penned such a book, Soto said, “I’ve traveled all my life and have always been fascinated with historical places and ancient things. As I strolled through old, dilapidated structures, I used to imagine how wonderful it would be to travel back in time and be a part of their lives for just one day. I began to entertain some ideas as to how I might do that and began jotting down notes in a book I carried around with me. When two of my granddaughters started writing stories for school, I caught the bug myself.” Soto goes on to explain, “I read the kids my first chapter to see what they thought. To my surprise they loved it and wanted more. As I started on the next chapter it was as if the book was already written and all I had to do was type it out the way I heard it in my own head.”

This tale has a strong narrative drive with powerful emotion. Written with warmth, yet set against the backdrop of thrilling, page-turning suspense, “Beyond the Maps Boundary” is about courage in the face of danger, friendship, faith renewed and faith rewarded.

Beyond the Maps Boundary is being released simultaneously in the U.S. and Canada in paperback format and can be purchased through , or at your local bookstore.  The audio version provides an exciting interpretation of this extraordinary novel and is available through


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