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We recently completed the photo sessions for the characters in the book.  The Mattie that you see to the right, setting a Half-Parallel, is Kristen Campbell.  She’s 17.  Actually Kristen has the deepest brown eyes I’ve ever seen and is such a fine young woman.  She said she always wondered what she’d look like with blue eyes.  I think she looks good both ways.  She and the young man that we photographed as Trevor (Logan Hall) spent a Saturday afternoon in my studio a couple of weeks ago posing for the chapter headings along with a few other shots for future use.  It was really fun to work with them both.  You can see how photogenic they are (seeing Kristen).  You’ll see Logan in the book when it’s Published at the end of February.  He recently returned from a mission of his own and is engaged to another young woman that would have made a wonderful model for Mattie, if she had only had dark hair.  She was a good sport in sharing her fiance’ with us (so close to the wedding) to be photographed along side another pretty young woman.

In the final printing, on the illustration for chapter 28, the twin girl you’ll see there is actually the real Mattie Karrington that I based my character on.  She is darling, too, an so fearless.  What a good person she is as well and has truly been an inspiration to this old writer since I met her at girls’ camp when she was 12.  She’s barely 15 in real life, but a mature, amazing 15.

I would consider all of these models to be the cream of the crop when it comes to young people.  The boy twin in chapter 28 is Mattie’s real brother, Cadin, though we doctored him up a bit.  He actually is preparing to go into training to become a Navy Seal.  His father was a Navy Seal and they plan to start his training prior to actually enlisting.  Anyway, his head was already shaved and we had to put some hair on him.   Cadin is quite a character.  He currently looks quite different from the picture that appears in the final book.

Thanks kids.  You’re the best!


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