Book II


Quant Alone - 17th Century

The Chronicles of Quant

Of all the countless events that could be changed throughout history, why would someone want to reverse the outcome of the Civil War? How would a time traveler know where to even begin to find the exact event that was altered to enable them to correct it, bringing the future back into balance? Mattie and Trevor are too inexperienced to take on such serious challenges until the accidental discovery of Quant.  Trekker’s  school begins in the Time Chamber of the old beach house with a strange, dwarfed mentor that is straight out of The Book of Ancestors. Critical skills for Mattie’s survival ust be learned hastily since time is short.  Even school is dangerous!  What will it be lie for Mattie in a Divvy when she has such a sketchy grasp of her abilities and Treavor’s, Kash’s and everyone else’s current reality has bee changed by the Interloper’s rewriting of history.

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